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wooden picture frame custom made Boeuf

wooden picture frame custom made Boeuf -
Art.No.: FDM-G152-1-57-SZ-H | -
from 12.20 £ *
delivery time 5-7 weekdays

Information on wooden frames by Frame Design Mende

FDM's wooden frames are characterised by their brilliant quality and a variety of framework borders. All frames are made in Germany and checked manually before shipping.

Information on special cuts:

Because FDM produces all frames in Germany according to your order, we can also carry out many special requests without any problems.

Attention: Please note that special cuts are not returnable!

The indicated price specifies the price per metre of the image range.
Example of calculation: Special cut format width 35 cm x height 45 cm = 35+35+45+45= 1,60 m image range

  • Extremely stable and well produced picture frames
  • The frames have convincing classic profiles and natural wood structures
  • Good quality hooks
  • Frames are hand made using high quality solid wood
  • Different types of glass or empty frame (without glass and back panel) available
  • Additional passe-partouts can easily be fitted into the frame

Note on glass:
To minimise the risk of broken glass during shipping, we only offer frames with normal and anti-mirror glass up to a format of 70 x100 cm. Larger formats come with synthetic glass or as empty frames.

profile width17
typ of framecustom made
profile height13
glazingstandard glass