Menu for our Shop

1. Select items – adding to your shopping cart

The desired type of picture frame must be entered in the detailed description before the price of the item is shown, i.e. you select the size, colour and if necessary the type of glass. Our system then determines the price automatically. Please specify the number of frames you wish to order. Click on the "order" button and the selected item(s) will be added to your shopping cart.

2. Shopping cart

After adding the first item to your shopping cart, the number of items in your shopping cart will be displayed on the bottom left. Click on the "View shopping cart" button and the contents of your shopping cart will be displayed. Here you can make alterations before finalising your order.

3. Altering items in shopping cart

You have the following options: Delete this item from shopping cart. Or alter amount of this specific item. You will of course have to enter an amount beforehand.You can close the shopping cart and finalise your order.

4. Order process – customer/purchaser data

If you are already a customer, you can enter your email address and password, which will reveal your personal data from your last order. These can be altered. Otherwise you must fill out our customer/purchaser data form. In both cases, confirm your entry by clicking on the "continue" button.

5. Order process – select method of payment

Here you can select a method of payment. You can choose between advance payment, debit, surname, invoice (limited, see general terms and conditions GTC)
Select advance payment and we will dispatch your order as soon as we receive your payment.
Select debit and you will also receive 3% cashback. As a security measure we will charge the total amount before further processing your order. Due to abuse this measure has unfortunately become necessary, that is why you will receive the afore mentioned discount.
Select surname to pay when you receive your order. There are additional costs for this method of payment.

In all cases, confirm your entry by clicking on the "checkout" button.

On the following page you must accept the general terms and conditions by ticking the box. The GTC can be viewed before finalising the order process.

To return to your shopping cart, simply click on "shopping cart" again. To finalise your order officially and bindingly in our shop system, click on the "send order" button.

6. Mail information

After completing step 6 you will receive an email confirming your order, which is not legally binding until we have confirmed it in writing or you have received your purchase. You can find further information in your order confirmation.

7. Customer-Login

Customer-Login is a central part of our modern shop system. You have unlimited acces to your own personal customer-login. During the order process you do nnot have to fill in your address and as a frequent customer you can comfortably pay on account (depending on purchasing volume - please enable this option.)

Further questions? Call us. We will gladly be of service.